2006-11-22 Entertainment Centre, Adelajda, Australia

Support: Kings Of Leon
Set: „Porch”, „Animal”, „Spin The Black Circle”, „Hail, Hail”, „Do The Evolution”, „Nothing As It Seems”, „Love Boat Captain”, „Throw Your Hatred Down” (Neil Young), „World Wide Suicide”, „Severed Hand”, „1/2 Full”, „Thin Air”, „MFC”, „Present Tense”, „Not For You” / „Modern Girl” (Sleater-Kinney), „Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town”, „Even Flow”

Bis: „Inside Job”, „Wasted Reprise”, „Better Man”, „Crazy Mary” (Victoria Williams), „Alive”
Bis 2: „I Believe In Miracles” (The Ramones), „Satan’s Bed”, „Blood”, „Rockin’ In The Free World” (Neil Young), „Yellow Ledbetter”

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